Home - Willow Tree
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Home - Willow Tree

Home - Mor, far og den lille ufødte baby

Vores familie er vores hjem. Susan Lordi forsøger med figuren Home at fange situationen, hvor der er masser af spænding, lykke og en stor uvished.
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Together, our family is home

“I wanted to capture the time in your life when there’s a lot of excitement, happiness, yet a big unknown. This piece connects the concepts of Home and Family — you are creating your own family — your own home. There’s been a shift in your life cycle. It’s about establishing roots in a way that centers and grounds you as a couple. It can be scary, but also has you in awe. Together, you’re creating a sense of place — building something — permanence and belonging. To each other and to the someone else that you haven’t met yet, but that you already love. I wanted the title to have a hidden layer of discovery ... I like the twist of taking a noun and using it as an adjective to explain a feeling one might have, but can’t always verbally express.”

Mål: 22 cm
Model: Home
Mærke: Willow Tree

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