Cherish - Willow Tree
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Cherish - Willow Tree

Cherish - venter på et mirakel

Susan Lordi har skåret den gravide kvinde utroligt smuk i figuren Cherish. Willow Tree figuren er en smuk og god gaveide til Babyshower eller barselsfesten, så vil modtageren altid kunne mindes denne dejlige tid, hvor hun glædede sig til sit lille ny mirakel.
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Awaiting a miracle

“I love to hear from people who see in my figures who or what they want to see. I like that level of participation with the viewer. It’s another reason why I like to keep Willow Tree open, so that there is room for the viewer to see their child’s face, their friend, etc. in the pieces. I hear from many emails and letters that a piece may look exactly like ‘my little ___’ and I love to hear that. I heard from a woman who owned Cherish that the figure was exactly the way she carried her baby in her third pregnancy! With Cherish, I wanted to break new ground. I hadn’t seen a figure of a very pregnant woman before. It’s such a beautiful form, and such an amazing experience for a woman, and I wanted to capture and celebrate this contemplative time of life.”

Mål: 21 cm
Model: Cherish, Awaiting a miracle
Mærke: Willow Tree

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