The Quilt - Willow Tree
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The Quilt - Willow Tree

The Quilt - Tryghed og kærlighed

Susan Lordi viser med figuren The Quilt den følelse, der er ved at sidde stille og roligt med et lille barn og få det beroliget, og den tryghed og varme der er ved tætheden fra tæppet.
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The Quilt

Sleep my child and peace... peace... Covered in love and keep... keep...

“I was thinking about metaphors of quilts. A lot about protection. A quilt makes us feel safe and warm. The rows of even stitching showing the passing of time, a meditative rhythm — like quieting and rocking a child. It takes time and patience. I wanted the quilt and the rocking to be one. The sentiment reveals this rhythm also — lullabies don’t have to make literal sense ... but the cadence of the words is lyrical and soothing. The warmth and coziness of a sleeping child — the tender connection — these quiet memories exist in anyone who has ever rocked a child in their arms.”


Mål: 14 cm
Model: The Quilt
Mærke: Willow Tree

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