You and Me - Willow Tree
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You and Me - Willow Tree

You and me - Gensidig kærlighed der vokser med tiden

Romantisk kærlighedsfigur til bryllup, Valentines Day eller blot som en kærlighedsgave.
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You and Me

Every day, building on our love

“This sculpture represents a couple who’s navigating life together – the joys, the challenges, and the daily decisions that come with being a family. I hope it speaks to an appreciation for the little things that make life interesting... and how love can renew itself over and over again. It’s the trust and support of each other through the day in, day out that strengthens love – and keeps us in it for the long haul. This piece works well with the children in The Roses in my Garden collection. I hope this helps you create a family grouping that reflects the personality of your own.” —Susan Lordi
A wedding, anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift that expresses love and caring. A gift that celebrates mid-life relationships and family. This figure works well in Family Groupings. It can also represent older brother and sister, or mother with grow n son.

Mål: 17 cm
Model: You and Me
Mærke: Willow Tree

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