Around You - Willow Tree

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Around You - Forelsket par 

Den smukke figur Around You som Susan Lordi her har skåret oser af romantik og kærlighed. Et ungt forelsket par som kun er opmærksomme på hinandens tilstedeværelse. Se videoen om hvordan den meget smukke figur blev til.

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Around You

...just the nearness of you

“I wanted to sculpt a young couple, finding romantic love – the butterflies and uncertainty, the chemistry and electricity – discovered when you’re in each other’s presence. I wanted the piece to be tender and intimate, elegant and quiet… Since the pose is derived from dance, I also wanted it to appear to have movement as you look at different angles.


“My challenge was to carve completely in the round, so that from every view, you have a different understanding… you see variations. There’s no correct way to position the piece.


“There are three touch points – their fingers on both hands, and the tops of their heads. I like this bit of connection… the tingly excitement and shared energy that comes from moments together with a new love.”

Mål: 16,5 cm
Model: Around you
Mærke: Willow Tree

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