That\'s my Dad - Willow Tree
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That's my Dad - Willow Tree

Willow Tree figuren, That's my Dad, virker næsten levende

That's my Dad viser en dejlig tid far og søn kan have sammen. Figuren er meget udtryksfuld og du kan næsten fornemme at nu er der tid til leg, sjov og hyggetid med far, som bare er den bedste.
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That's my Dad

My favorite time is time with you

"When my son was young, I remember how he craved physical playtime with his Dad—wrestling on the floor, big bear hugs, being silly, running, climbing, jumping; it didn't matter, just that they were together, laughing, spending time in the moment.

"Years later, I realized all of that physical interaction was a powerful way for dad and son to communicate—and how it formed a strong base of trust and love for a lifetime."

Mål: 14 cm
Model: Remember
Mærke: Willow Tree

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