Wisdom - Willow Tree
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Wisdom - Willow Tree

Wisdom - Lille piges kærlighed til at læse og lære

Willow Tree figuren, Visdom, viser en lille piges kærlighed til lærdom og visdom. Hun bruger al sin tid på at gøre sig klog og sættes sig ind i alt mellem himmel og jord. Wisdom er en smuk gaveidé.
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A lifelong love of learning

“I wanted her to be very quiet, contemplative, calming … to exude a quiet happiness, contentment from within. My mom is the inspiration for this piece. She was a teacher most of her life. And she continues to pursue many, varied interests through reading and learning. She always read to us while we were growing up — and encouraged us to read.  Even now at 82, she is reading to others through Books on Tape. With her lifelong love of learning, she continues to open the world — to herself and others.”

Mål: 11 cm
Model: Wisdom
Mærke: Willow Tree

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