Thank You - Willow Tree
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Thank You - Willow Tree

Thank You - figur med pige, der rækker en buket frem

Willow Tree figuren, Thank You, er tænkt som en smuk gave til at udtrykke påskønnelse og taknemmelighed. God gaveide til en ven, en hjælper eller et kært familiemedlem.
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Thank You

So appreciative of all you do!

“'Thank You' is an expression we use daily… from an impersonal quick comment to a more heart-felt appreciation of support from parents, family, friends, teachers, volunteers. I hope this piece can be used for all those circumstances when you want to say 'Thank You'. The gesture of the figure, leaning forward, is an offer of gratitude and hospitality. The flowers are classic, timeless peonies, which release a beautiful fragrance, and whose lifecycle can span generations.” —Susan Lordi

Mål: 14 cm
Model: Thank You
Mærke: Willow Tree
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