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Love my Dog, Lys - Willow Tree

Familiens hund - er der altid for dig, fuld af hengivenhed

Hunden er ofte mere end et kæledyr, et medlem af familien. Hunden er en ven, en følgesvend som er ved din side, sidder på dit skød eller ved dine fødder. "Love my Dog" passer fint hvis du vil lave en familiegruppe.
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Love my Dog

Always with me, full of personality!

Our pets become much more than pets to us... they are constant companions, best friends, playmates, therapists, and always, always by our side, on our lap, at our feet. Every cat and dog has its own idiosyncratic personality—quirks that might not be understood by others, but are lovingly tolerated by owners, regardless.

"Somehow our pets sense—they just know—how we feel. And totally accept us, in whatever emotional or physical state we appear. They teach us about friendship and patience and inner peace. They support us with loyalty, softness, an independent spirit and expressive gaze. It is true that animals have a sixth sense. It is the sense of love, unconditionally."

Mål: 8,5 cm
Model: Love my dog, Dark
Mærke: Willow Tree

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