Guardian - Willow Tree
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Guardian - Willow Tree

Guradian - Det lille barn får ømhed og krælighed af mor

Willow Tree figuren, Guardian, repræsenterer de overvældende følelser af moderskab, og ønsket om at beskytte sin nye baby for evigt
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Love and protect thee, forever

“Guardian represents the overwhelming feelings of motherhood, and the desire to protect your new baby forever. The image of an infant cradled closely in her mother’s arms is a symbol of the tremendous feelings of love a mother experiences when holding her new child. This figure could suggest a guardian spirit of protection. She could also be comforting to someone who has lost a child; a reminder of the love and caring a mother always feels, regardless of where her child is. I used the word ‘thee’ in the sentiment as an intimate way of talking to an infant. I think the word has a poetic sound and shows reverence and tenderness. It’s the sort of word reserved for someone you love..”


Mål: 15 cm

Model: Guardian

Mærke: Willow Tree

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