Always - Willow Tree

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Always en kærlighedsgave

Jeg føler styrken i din kærlighed, det er hvad Susan Lordi prøver at udtrykke med figuren Always. 
Det er lykken at være elsket. Figuren er en rigtig fin gaveide til brylluppet, sølvbrylluppet, Valentines Day eller bare en kærlighedsgave.

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I feel the strength of your love

“This piece is about the strength and permanence of love. The figure’s gesture proclaims, in an outward way, the happiness of being loved… and that love endures – it has, and always will be there.The etched rock echoes this idea of permanence and strength. Petroglyphs (etchings in stone) were ancient history’s graffiti – a way of mark-making that expressed feelings in a visual way. We value petroglyphs because they have endured for thousands of years. We treasure that which survives the test of time. So the whole piece communicates a love that is strong, sure and lasting.” —Susan Lordi
A wedding, anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift that expresses love and caring.
Mål: 15,5 cm
Model: Always
Mærke: Willow Tree

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